Making my own clothes has been a part of my armoury since my mother taught me how to make trousers long enough for my gangly 12 year old limbs in the, umm, late 80s.  Since moving to New York City from the UK in 2013 and discovering the all-hail-glory of the Garment District, sewing has become more than a tool and is rapidly entering the realms of obsession. 

  • Obsession with making ALL. THE. CLOTHES. 
  • Obsession with the terrifying amount of gorgeous, lonely fabric in this city. 
  • Obsession with perfecting the fit, the finish, the detail, the style.

And a growing obsession with the remarkable online sewing community and a desire to add my tuppence to the conversation. 

I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to get in touch, either in the comments, through social media (links below) or by email at charlie at nobleanddaughter dot com.

Thanks for stopping by.

Charlie x