I hate bias binding!

I really hate bias binding.

I hate the bought stuff, it's always so stiff and bizarrely unmanageable given its intended purpose.  And I always buy the wrong colour / size / type.

I hate making the stuff. It's so fiddly and impossible to sew or cut straight and always involves second degree burns.

I hate applying it: I hate the fact that it is really hard to get it to lay flat around a neckline. In fact it pretty much never does. I hate that invariably because top stitching is preferable at the last step, one ends up with bits that don't get caught by the stitching and then you have to either hand stitch it (if like me you can't face unpicking the damn thing) or bodge it by unpicking that bit and sewing it again. I don't hate, but I don't love the row of stitching it leaves on the right side of a garment, when what you'd really like is a clean finish.  See also second degree burns above.

I know there are a million tutorials out there for how to make and apply perfect bias binding. I've read most of them. Doesn't change the fact it is still a pig to work with. Which is probably why there are a million tutorials. 

I would rather set in a sleeve than have to deal with a bias bound armhole.  I'd rather deal with a flappy facing or line the whole damn thing than summon up the patience to perform a bias bound neckline.  

So whenever I'm working on a pattern that requires it, my heart sinks and I brace myself for a couple of evenings of burnt fingers, swearing and being wholly dissatisfied with the end result. Which probably explains why I make so few woven tops.

I can count on one finger the projects where I'm happy with the binding - my Republique du Chiffon / Robert Kaufman Lucie Dress.  But this is tainted by the fact I really want to lengthen the straps a little to make it fit me better which would be simple given the piping/ yoke situation, (i.e. I can just recut the small yoke pieces and replace them), but I cannot face having to remake all that bias and do it all again. 

I'm also not the biggest fan of facings.

I think it might be time to invent a new method of finishing edges.  

Anyone with me?

Disclaimer: I appreciate the majority of these pet hates are due to operator error (OE), but oh my god it's frustrating.