Brumby and Elise

So, this is me feeling like a proper sewing blogger: a new indie pattern comes out and I snaffle it up, make it and blog about it straight away (pretty much). I am never organised enough to blog things when I actually finish them and usually have a half dozen other things I want to sew before I entertain something new. However, with this skirt, I had been sitting on the fabric for a year and as soon as the pattern was released, I knew it would be perfect to show off the cotton's complete and utter fabulousness.

 It's amazing what a few considered and well-designed details can do to elevate "humble gathered skirt" to "pattern must-have". Gathered skirts generally leave me cold.  I don't think they're particularly flattering or especially interesting, but this is the Brumby Skirt by Megan Nielsen which has fabulous oversized pockets, an exposed zip and a wide contoured waistband that enhances the usual waist-to-gather ratio so the skirt doesn't make one look so wide or indeed frumpy - which has been my experience of gathered skirts up to now.   

The fabric is a stunning, lightweight pale grey cotton voile that has an abstract metallic design. I stalked it after seeing Laney's Alder shirtdress in the same fabric and bought a few yards as soon as it landed at Grey's Fabric.

The skirt is a quick and straightforward sew, although I did have some problems inserting the exposed zip. The instructions were quite limited and I was in such a hurry to get it done (I wanted to wear it on our anniversary weekend away to the North Fork of Long Island - where these pics were taken) and was having problems logging into the App to get more detail, so just ripped it out and started again. I've inserted an exposed zip once before and had a much neater result so may use that method again in future. I still haven't logged onto the app.  I really like the idea though and since most of my sewing learning is done through Google, this seems like the obvious next step to the sewalong and tutorials.

Also due to the stupid self imposed deadline, I forgot to add any length to the skirt where I usually add two or three inches. I'd prefer it if this was a couple of inches longer as this is neither midi nor knee length. Other than that the fit is good.  It's a gathered skirt for Pete's sake - where could I really have gone wrong with that?

I really can't remember why but I have some metallic silver thread in my stuffed to the gills Oxo tin, so I used that to topstitch the centre front seam, pockets and hem and although it's nigh impossible to see it, it makes me happy. The instructions also suggest to topstitch the pockets down a little so that they don't gape, but I like the gape, it really makes a feature of the pockets.  This skirt is ALL about the pockets.

In short, I like it and I'll probably make more.

I also made the top. It is a free pattern by Fine Motor Skills called the Elise Tee. The design is exactly the type of tee I like to wear, wide necked and sloppy with grown on sleeves. It's sewn up in a very lightweight lilac cotton jersey that I've had for ages as well. I didn't have a clue what to do with it but this pattern calls for lightweight knits and I thought the colour would go well with the Brumby. It's a super quick tee to sew - an hour I think - but I'm not too sure of the result - I rushed the cutting so the neckline is wonky and the shirring of the fabric which I thought was so sweet when I bought it, actually just implies Michelin Man ... But with a bit more care and a higher quality knit this pattern should be a winner. And I'm pretty pleased with my double needle topstitch work around the neckline. And I've worn it a lot. And did I mention it's free?!

So, what is my favourite thing about this whole particular sewing adventure? That I finally feel I've arrived by blogging a new pattern as soon as it's released? Little bit.  Or the way the metallic print on the skirt reflects the glorious colours of the sunset?  What more could one possibly want in a skirt? 

See you soon x

Photos taken at the stupendously wonderful Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast in Cutchogue and on Truman Beach near Greenport, NY.