Me Made May 2015

Me Made May is a big thing in this little corner of the World Wide Web. A flurry of daily Instagram treats and weekly blog summaries as sewing bloggers and non-blogging sewing types around the world document their progress against their self-prescribed pledge to maximise or optimise their hand made wardrobe during the month of May.   

Me Made May was devised by Zoe a few years ago, you can read more about it here. Last year I didn't make a pledge as I was new to the whole sewing community thing, but I did follow along and wore, I think, two or three self-made items each week.  I loved being a part of this celebration of home sewing.

For Me Made May 2015, I have made the following pledge:

I, Charlie, sign up as a participant of Me Made May 2015.  I endeavour to wear one self-made garment each day for the duration of May 2015.

This is going to be a challenge, but I hope that by setting myself a lofty goal, I will be able to identify where there are gaps in my hand-made wardrobe that I need to concentrate on filling (I know already this will include tops); find different ways of wearing the items I have; be more creative with how and when I wear them; and identify those things that I don't love, am unlikely to wear, are taking up premium wardrobe space and consequently should be refashioned or given away.

In May I am also going to make a point of finishing the few unfinished projects I have lingering around and alter a couple of things that no longer fit me.

Zoe makes quite clear that Me Made May should not be a stressful thing that involves making all the clothes in the run up to it so that you can fulfill your pledge, but let's just say, when my little Janome threw all her toys out of the pram the other night, I got the major fear.  But that is also because I have so many things I want to make before summer arrives in full force - literally a sewing queue of about 15 items - that if I have a spare moment  - which isn't as regularly as I'd like - I want to wring every last stitch out of it. (I'm sure there is a more coherent sentence in there somewhere but I can't find it - apologies.) Fortunately, the wonderful shop around the corner where I bought said Janome, sorted her out in just a couple of hours and we're back in business.

I'll post daily on Instagram my garment for that day and make weekly summaries right here.  If you want to get involved you can make your pledge on Zoe's website via the above link and follow all the treats via #mmmay15 on your Social Media Outlet of Choice. 

See you soon x