Repeat offending: Inari No. 3

I can list on probably two fingers the number of sewing patterns I've made more than once.  But there is something about the Inari dress / tee from Named Clothing that I keep coming back to. So here I am to bore you with details of Inari No. 3.

I'm not sure what it is I like about it.  Well it's the perfect shape, has the perfect hem, is perfectly casual, but also a bit sassy when fancied up in silk, is perfectly comfortable, pretty trendy (ugh I loathe that word but laziness is allowing its use right here), has the perfect neckline and is simple to make.  Oh and it fits with my life so it actually gets worn.  Unlike my many acres of beautiful handmade dresses that don't.

I'm also not sure why I don't remake patterns.  Maybe it's for the same reason I never used to buy more than one of an item.  I'm impatient and like variety and perhaps I've not yet found my tried and true patterns.  Well Inari, you can count yourself tried and true.  Oh God did I really just write that?

I finally made some fit adjustments to this version and either that or the fact it's a knit (or both) have substantially improved the fit.  My earlier versions I graded up at the hip but on this I also added 2 inches to the length to make it decent to wear as a dress, and made a forward shoulder adjustment as well as adding half an inch to the shoulder seam.  

I still find it astounding that it is only in the last six months that I've realised what peculiarly broad shoulders I have.  What on earth was I thinking was causing my jackets and shirts to be so tight across the back beforehand? 

So let's get to the main event here, this fabric.  This is just delicious.  Super delicious.  It's a cotton ponte with a camouflage print in some kind of plasticy stuff.  It's not sparkly as it can look in these pictures and is the same colour as the fabric, just has a sheen that makes the camo print visible.  

As an aside, my son, who is 2, looked at this dress and asked me what it had on it.  I told him it was called camouflage.  He then asked me if they were fast swimmers .... Nope, me neither. And he now asks the exact same question every time I wear it. 

Aaanyway, it's utterly glorious.  

This is one of the few knit projects I've made that I actually like the finish of and I'm sure it's to do with the quality of the ponte and how easy it was to manipulate.  It came from Miss Matatabi and is the first thing I have ordered from her.  I will be repeat customering as the product quality, customer service and faster delivery from Japan than from a few states away is just amazing.  She lives up to all the hype around the webs.

So now I'll leave you with more pictures of perfect fabric and perfect pattern (and terrible windswept hair and eyebags for days) and go off and try to make something that isn't an Inari. Oh and I promise not to bore you with another one, (unless I make the tee version, or it's in really fabulous fabric.) 

See you soon x